Bioethics Quiz

The following questions are based on information contained in:

  1. The Allied Health Professions Act, Act 63 of 1982 as amended, and the 2001 Regulations, as amended, to that Act and other Notices downloaded from the Allied Health Professions Council website:
  2. The Allied Health Professions Council of SA – Healthcare, Jurisprudence and Ethics Overview
  3. The Allied Health Professions Council of SA – The Doctrine of Informed Consent in South African Law (presentation)
  4. The Allied Health Professions Council of SA – Code of Ethics, Guidelines for Good Practice and Guidelines for Making Professional Services Known
  5. Consumer Protection Act
  6. The National Health Act
  7. The Bill of Rights
  8. Patients’ Rights Charter
  9. Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act
  10. The Allied Health Professions Council of SA – Health care jurisprudence and ethics notes
  11. The Children’s Act (38) of 2005, as amended
  12. Children and Young People Advice Book
  13. Legal guide to age threshold – Children’s Institute UCT
  14. AHPCSA Guidelines for Good Practice Hygiene Related to SARS-COV-2 Epidemic
  15. SAMJ In Practice – Appointment cancellations and no shows
  16. SAMJ In Practice – Guidelines for use of WhatsApp groups in clinical settings in SA


All reference material may be downloaded from the AromaSA website :


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